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Belgian Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

We want an animal police in Belgium !

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What should you do if you see an abuse or neglect?


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What should you do if you see an abuse or neglect?

Because a BSPCA does not exist yet: follow the next advice!

If the acute battering, e.g. someone who drowns his dog stomps or or anything else of very serious nature, get there than at the police immediately. You can call to 101 or 112 (GSM).
She is the only one who is competent to adopt such facts. The animal protection bubbles, is actually an unauthorised loss of time.

The animal protection can spot, but in no case the animal, and may even take the place of the abuse, when that area is on private, do not enter. This may only when the animal was adopted in the past in an animal shelter. This was then normally laid down in a contract.

On the other hand, the police can, in a serious case, admission to the private area to enter, possibly a veterinarian to be recovered and ultimately bringing the animal to the animal away and then at a later stage the Prosecutor carry out seizure of that animal.

In the case of a neglect is on for a long time, e.g. someone who are dog or cat eat too little, or a horse in the mud, writes or call best first animal welfare, which then can evaluate whether the condition should be reported, and possibly can that already fixed provided that a conversation with the owner. If that is of no avail, we must follow the above procedure.

In failure of the above procedures, please contact the federal public service, service animal welfare, via: dierenwelzijn@health.fgov.be or phone: 02/524.74.11

Take pictures can strengthen your complaint.




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