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Belgian Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

We want an animal police in Belgium !

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The first radio with a hart for animals.


Flappies flappies

Dogtraining at home:

_Puppy class

_Parenting problems

_Behavior therapy

_Activity coaching


Dierenrecht vzw dierenrecht We can help you with problems with your pets

Essentia Natura essentia Behavior ans health centre for animal and men
Koop hier nooit een puppy koop Advice where are not where to buy a puppy
Socio vzw sicio

Bird and animalprotection


René's Petsupplies




Quality petshop and distributer of Kiwaq



We find a new owner for your dog

Amstaffclub Antwerpen amstaff

For owners and lovers of 'Bullybreed'

Bikers for animals bikers We fight animal abuse
vzw Be Happy Dog happydog For stray and shelter animals
Dogpartner dogpartner

We think dog !

Dogtraining? Start without command

Helping Dogs helpingdogs

We find a new home for your dog



Dier in de kou dierindekou

Active against animal abuse

Toscanza hoeve toscanza

First recognized holistic and meeting center for behavior, therapy and training for people and animal in Benelux

Inge Pauwels

Dierenartsenpraktijk Verhoeven - Van Gompel vvg Thanks for your help



Company number NPO: 0835.070.624

ADDRESS: Koornbloemplein 5 2610 Wilrijk Belgium