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Belgian Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

We want an animal police in Belgium !

For all animals, great and small. "We cannot change the world, only try to make it better!"
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There is a clear link between criminal behaviour towards humans and that towards animals. This is why the BSPCA also seeks a good working relationship with our social services.
Whomever believes that people committing acts of animal cruelty limit themselves to harming animals is sadly mistaken. It is a fact that animal cruelty is inextricable linked to violence towards people and in particular the weaker individuals in our society.

We therefore see it as our duty to also address this issue and seek close cooperation with our social services as well as doctors, vets, etc to ensure the welfare of man and animals alike.
For instance, if one of these services comes across different types of abuse or cruelty whilst investigating a case, we would ask that one services informs the other so that we can work together to tackle these problems. Please note that it is a well-known fact that cases of animal cruelty often bear a close connection to domestic violence.

Children who mistreat animals have often been the victims of violence themselves or have witnessed violence and have subsequently learnt to behave in an aggressive manner towards people and animals.
People who mistreat animals are five times more likely to inflict serious harm to others; and nearly all perpetrators of animal cruelty have been the victim of violence, or have witnessed it, during their childhood. We must teach them sympathy and make them realise that animals feel the same physical and emotional pain. This is the most effective way or combatting animal cruelty and instil in these people the fact that animal cruelty undermines respect for life. This constitutes a significant role for the animal police, as it can help parents educate their children and can also provide information sessions to children in schools.