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Belgian Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

We want an animal police in Belgium !

For all animals, great and small. "We cannot change the world, only try to make it better!"
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According to Belgian law, consumers are granted a two-year warranty period on the purchase of a companion animal. More information can be found here:


In Article 4, we find information pertaining to the procedure for reimbursement or replacement in cases where the purchased animal dies as a direct consequent of an illness.

Apart from the reimbursement of the total purchasing price to the owner, the salesperson is also legally bound to reimburse any documented veterinary and pharmaceutical costs relating to the illness of the animal – this as opposed to the maximum of 30% of the purchasing price.

For example:
Purchasing of a dog on 27 February. The animal dies of parvo-virus on 9 March
Purchasing price: EUR 620
Vet bills: EUR 25
Antibiotics: EUR 35
Pet food: EUR 60
Hospital costs: EUR 554

Total costs to be reimbursed by salesperson: EUR 620+674=1294 (and NOT EUR 806).