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Belgian Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

We want an animal police in Belgium !

For all animals, great and small. "We cannot change the world, only try to make it better!"
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Our goal


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Operation from the regions



Animal welfare is the responsibility of the regions.

A controversial topic that may result in a positive outcome.

It is now up to the prime ministers to choose one member per region to start a new Council for animal welfare in Belgium.

One Council who is responsible for a good animal welfare in the whole country.

In every province there will be formed ‘animal cops’ under the supervision of the regional representatives and consisting of 5 (police)inspectors, that gained a thorough training. They will follow up all complaints and controls (this time unannounced). If necessary, they can call in the assistance of a veterinarian.

The Council of members, together with an administrative support team, will guarantee; on the one hand, a proper functioning of the province departments. On the other hand, everything related to animal welfare, like chip follow-up (of all animals), complaints, trade (livestock and pets), shelters, dealers, breeders, zoos, exotic animals, abattoirs, etc… 

They will form teams with the cel of hormones and other existing specialised services that contribute to animal welfare. 

They also provide monitoring and processing the data of offenders.

All this to avoid the present distribution of services, which send you from pillar to post.