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Belgian Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

We want an animal police in Belgium !

For all animals, great and small. "We cannot change the world, only try to make it better!"
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23-24-25/11/2012: DIERENFEEST at the Limburghal Genk. PHOTOS

23/09/2012: Helping Dogs adoptionday at Merelbeke. PHOTOS

17/09/2012: National parade for better animal welfare in Brussels.PHOTOS

2/09/2012: HONDENZONDAG at Hasselt. PHOTOS

1/07/2012: Animal trust Open house.

24/06/2012: Open house at animal behavior center Toscanzahoeve.

20/05/2012: Open house at Cavalier King Charles dog walking club IN EEN MEUTEKE LOPEN

1/05/2012: De Hondendag. Domain Moervelden at Ranst. PHOTOS

7-8-9/04/2012: Beestjes en Baasjes at Flanders Expo Gent. PHOTOS

28/01/2012: Anti-broodfok parade in Limburg. PHOTOS

25-26-27/11/2011: Dierenhappening at Hasselt. PHOTOS

25/09/2011: Marathon run for animal rights. PHOTOS

15/09/2011: Radiointerview BSPCA on Top Radio. PHOTOS

15/09/2011: ABA parade at Gent. PHOTOS

10-11/09/2011: BSPCA was at Passion Animaux Mons ! PHOTOS

5/09/2011: Dag van de hond at Hasselt. BSPCA was there. PHOTOS

23-24-25/04/2011: BSPCA was at Beestjes en Baasjes. PHOTOS